Jumat, 28 April 2017

Perbedaan Who dan Whom

Who digunakan untuk menjelaskan subjek/pelaku

Whom digunakan untuk menjelaskan objek/penderita

Is that simple.

Ada kalimat seperti ini.
The trainer is delivering a course material to the participants.

Siapa yg aktif/subjek? The trainer.
Siapa yg pasif/objek? The participants.

Now, reconstruct the sentence.

- They are listening to the trainer, WHO is delivering the course material.
- The participants, WHOM the trainer is delivering the material to, is listening very eagerly.

Contoh lagi.
The people of South Jakarta voted for Anxi and Nohr in the last governor election.

- Anxi and Nohr, WHOM the South Jakarta people elected for governor, are from different parties.
- The Jakarta people WHO elected Anxi and Nohr for governor, are of the southern part of the city.

Hope this give you a clue of how to use WHO or WHOM. At least, this is the very simplest explaination I can give.

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